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I am Dulany Sriner, the DS in DSDigitals. I am a Landscape, Architecture and Nature photographer and writer in Springfield, Illinois.

When I am capturing my photographs of the world around us, I get a feeling of awe, when I view them later, I am reminded of that same feeling, and when I share them, I get a feeling of satisfaction in sharing that moment in time and those feelings with others. I hope everyone enjoys the pictures I display here.

HISTORY: I remember receiving my first photography lab some time in grade school. I learned to develop my own black and white pictures but soon felt it was more trouble than it was worth. Although I discontinued developing my own pictures my love of photography continued.  I was the faculty adviser of a photography club while teaching during the early 70's. This love of pictures has stayed with me all these years.

My Pictures have been featured on web pages or print media for the Iles House, The Brinkerhoff Home, The Thomas Rees Carillon and other Springfield sites. I have photographed several charity running events along with bicycle rides. 

I was the official photographer for the Brinkerhoff Home Foundation until it disbanded and covered events for them on a regular basis. While I no longer act as the official photographer for the Iles House due to a failure on their part to maintain my copyrights, I still  continue to maintain availability of Iles House pictures on my sites. I look forward to representing other not-for-profit organizations in picture form in the future. I will provide this service at no charge, including licensing of pictures to the organization for any non-commercial use provided my copyright is prominently displayed. Commercial use, such as selling pictures for fundraising will be licensed for a nominal fee. This is my way to give back to the community that provides me with so many beautiful picture sites.

So, who is the person behind the camera? My name is Dulany Sriner. I moved to Springfield in the 4th grade. Like many, we ( my wife Pat and I) felt trapped in "Springburg" and looked for someplace else to live. After our marriage in 1968, we moved to Chicago but it didn't take too many traffic jams and a rat race going the wrong way for us to realize that we didn't like the BIG CITY. We missed Springfield and wanted to come home. While we have felt the urge to move away several times since, we have continually decided to stay. What was once considered a rut, is now a comfortable nest. We realize how much we really enjoy Springfield. We still love to travel and we will take you along through words and pictures. Come back often and see what new adventure is in the planning and then share with us this beautiful country through the lens of my camera and the words from my keyboard.

When I was not taking pictures, I spent my working time inspecting, repairing and remodeling local homes. I started this business over 40 years ago under the business name Summertime Construction Company. At that time I was still teaching school and it was a summertime business only. Later when construction became my full time career, I changed the business name to the House Doctor. Now, I am retired from the physically demanding contracting work. That gives me more time to pursue my photography, website and writing endeavors. 

My principle photography work revolves around nature although I do some portrait and event photography. I will do occasional small weddings but leave that normally to those who specialize in it. 

I also do post processing on clients photographs. Sometimes, poor non-replaceable pictures can be saved in Photoshop.

I am best reached by email  at

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